Two gang members in critical condition after attacking working class protesters

Two gang members were seriously injured and left in critical condition after the International Workers Day demonstrations in Paris, France. Apparently intending a show of force, a contingent of France’s largest gang came to the demonstration armed and dressed in protective gear. After multiple assaults on demonstrators, two gang members suffered serious injury from demonstrators defending themselves with makeshift weapons. Both are now in critical condition in a Paris hospital.

A contingent of France’s largest gang, seen heavily armed at a working class demonstration in Paris, France. These two gang members were seriously injured after attacking working class demonstrators.

Happy May Day, Working Class

Today is May Day. Let’s reflect on everything we would not have without a militant labor movement that was willing to fight literal battles in the streets to secure their rights:

  • The minimum wage.
  • The 40-hour week.
  • The 10-hour day and the 8-hour day.
  • Work off on weekends.
  • Overtime pay.
  • Safety standards and regulations.
  • This and other labor holidays.
  • The right to strike.
  • The right to form or join a union.
  • Child labor laws.
  • Equal pay and anti-discrimination laws.
  • And much more…

And the battles have not yet ended, friends.